About David M Garber

 David Garber is the founder and President of A Brighter Idea Inc — AKA Garber Electric — who started his business July 1st 1981, serving the DC Metro area for more than 37 years. David received his M.E.C.A. Diploma with NASA Engineer John E. Moye. His expertise is in both the commercial and the residential sectors. 

David is very passionate about the future of the electrical industry and stays current with all that is available and state-of-the-art. He is both creative and knowledgeable in providing lighting solutions adapted to the specific environment and budget of his clients. And when it comes to any task at hand, he is extremely meticulous. He has direct collaboration with architects, interior designers, electrical engineers and general contractors. In addition, David volunteers in various communities to support programs for youth, senior citizens, veterans and local fund raisers. 

David is sought out by prestigious home inspection agencies, law firms and their clients, as an expert witness in litigation cases. 

David holds current Master and contractor licenses in the District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. 

  "The best part of my job," he says, "is to see a genuinely happy smile on a client's face upon completing an electrical project." 

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